Taksim Star Hotel | Safe Tourism

Covid 19 Information Text
Thank you for working with our Taksim Star Hotel during this period when the whole world and our country are having a hard time with the COVID-19 epidemic.

We have arranged our services according to this New Normal, in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, European Center for Infectious Disease Control (ECDC) and the Ministry of Health, so that your guests can spend their holidays in health and safety at our hotel.

We have minimized the risks that your guests may encounter during our service.

In order to ensure a hygienic environment in all areas, cooperation has been made with the leading company of the sector, Bureau Veritas.



Non-contact fire control will be carried out at every entrance of our guest to the hotel. If the body temperature is 38 C and above, we will take care to protect the health of our guests by referring them to our hotel doctor or health institution.

The suitcases and bags of the guests are disinfected at the entrance to the hotel, and the maximum number of check-ins is determined to protect the social distance. Our guests over the determined number will be directed to the waiting areas.

Hand sanitizers are available for our guests at the facility entrances and at designated points.

Our guests will be able to obtain masks and gloves from the reception if they wish. Our guests will be provided to wear masks in all areas.



The measures applied in the restaurant and in the general areas have been prepared according to the circular and regulations announced by the Ministry of Health.

Critical hygiene points of the entire facility have been determined and hygiene policies and procedures have been prepared accordingly.

The social distance rule is valid in areas of our hotel where there may be a wait (such as reception, restaurant, bar, elevator fronts), and our guests will be asked to follow the markings on the ground. Since all points such as common use and contact areas, door handles, faucets, soap dispensers, sun loungers, elevator buttons, WCs, changing rooms are regularly disinfected by hygiene personnel, they can be used safely by our guests.

Our meals will be served to our guests in the form of open buffet in our main restaurant, in small portions by our kitchen team.


There are hygiene barriers and disinfection points in the food production area, raw material product shipments and in the kitchen area.

We select the food and beverages we will offer to our guests from registered vendors and known brands that produce healthy food, and disinfect their packages when receiving them, and take them under controlled conditions.

Our kitchen staff use work clothes and personal protective equipment while working.

Our food and water safety risk management system is constantly audited by official and independent external audit firms without notice. You can safely consume our food and drinks.



Our rooms are specially cleaned and disinfected for our guests. The first entry to the room after disinfection is made by the guest.

Our housekeeper cleans the room with protective equipment.

We have “disposable boucle” materials in our rooms.


All of our personnel have received health and hygiene training and have successfully completed the exam evaluation organized by the workplace doctor and occupational safety specialist.

The daily temperature measurements of our personnel, whose health checks have been carried out, are also carried out according to the rules.

The use of masks, disinfectants and gloves of each personnel is checked, and daily hygiene of personnel clothes is ensured.

When our guests feel the symptoms of Covid19 (high fever and difficulty in breathing) during their stay and call the reception, they will be referred to our hotel doctor or health institution as soon as possible.

As a result of the inspection, our guests will be expected to meticulously comply with the rules that are required to be observed and their control will be ensured.

Please; If you are wondering about the measures we take regarding the issues that you have in mind, you can contact us. We would be pleased to share our precautions with you.

Hope to see you in healthy days...